This is a family friendly show but we still need some guidelines to enable everyone to enjoy themselves, so please observe the following...

1.      Recycling – we have a recycling depot to recycle your aluminium cans, plastic bottles and glass. Please do what you can and help us and use it.

2.      All under 17's must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Unaccompanied children/youths will not be permitted entry.

3.      Proof of age may be requested at the point of entry and at the bars. The Challenge 25 campaign is applied so we recommend you bring ID in case you are lucky enough to be mistaken for someone under 25yrs old.

4.      The maximum speed limit on site is 5mph (this will be strictly administered).  Absolutely no vehicle movement between 10pm and 7am. (except official/emergency vehicles).  No unnecessary use of vehicles (no cruising).  Vehicles should only be moved if you are leaving the site.

5.      This is a public site and normal drinking and driving laws apply.  Anyone found drinking and driving by the security team will, of necessity, be reported to the police.

6.      No motorised scooters, mini bikes or quads allowed.  Cycles are fine but must be used with consideration.   

7.      Ticket holders may be subject to being searched on entry, before and during the event.

8.      We will refuse admission or eject a ticket holder for unreasonable or dangerous behaviour. 

9.      The campsite is will be open from Thursday 4th October at 12 noon until Sunday 7th October at 5pm. A separate pass for Thursday camping must be obtained to enter the site before 10am Friday 5th October and accompany a full weekend ticket.

10.   Camping is included in the weekend ticket price. Day tickets do not include camping.

11.   All vehicles are parked at owner's own risk.

12.   Dogs are welcome, but must be kept on a lead in all public areas and please clear up after them.  Dogs must always be under the supervision of an ADULT

13.   No unauthorised open fires are permitted any where on site.

14.   BBQ’s and small fire baskets are allowed but must be raised off the ground and extinguished after use. Please dispose of them properly. Do not leave used disposable BBQs or coals in hedgerow as the coals are poisonous to animals and can, and do, kill.

15.   Ticket holders consent to inclusion in official photographic, visual and audio promotion / recording of the show.

16.   Fireworks, smoke canisters, flares and other similar articles are not permitted.

17.   No illegal substances may be brought on site.

18.   No independent sound systems are permitted. We expect a quiet night’s sleep from midnight in general camping areas. Any noise deemed anti-social at any time of day or night is unacceptable.

19.   We encourage everyone to enjoy themselves but please be aware of your fellow V-dub campers! Our friendly security staff will ensure you know if this important ruling is overstepped.

20.   No weapons are permitted.

21.   Drones must not be used unless with the prior permission of the organisers.

22.   No traders of any type to sell on site without permission of the organisers.

23.   Alcohol: Persons over 18yrs are permitted to bring their own alcohol but must be for personal consumption only.

24.   No "Legal Highs" or gas canisters from which the contents can be inhaled.

25.   Please use the bins and bin bags provided. It is expected that attendees will be responsible for cleaning their own campsite area, and if approached by Green Stewards, will comply with their request to clear up any rubbish. Please respect the farm and it’s grounds.

26.   We reserve the right to add, withdraw or substitute attractions, entertainment and artists, and to vary the advertised programme and timings without being liable to pay compensation.

27.   Final rules to be agreed in conjunction with Licensing committee, police and event organisers.

28.   If you feel in anyway you cannot abide by our friendly and common sense rules, PLEASE DO NOT COME.

Please treat the toilets as you would at home, use the water and paper considerately, don’t try to flush anything else, and inform staff at the information point or your nearest warden if there is a problem.

For your safety, we have security crew on duty overnight – they will also ensure the above guidelines are followed and have the right to remove anyone who does not cooperate. No refund will be given. Admittance to Oktoberfest is acceptance of the above rules. Thanks.